Solar PV for factories

Halve your energy bills and improve your corporate image

with solar PV for your factory or industrial building.

With rising energy prices continuing to squeeze margins, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels offer a seamless solution that lowers energy costs and reduces your factory’s carbon footprint.

At K Higgins Electrical and Solar PV, we offer a comprehensive solution for industrial building and factory owners, from the initial consultation to roof installation and maintenance, providing you with a hassle-free solar PV system you can rely on.

How much can you save with solar PV?

With modern industrial facilities featuring expansive rooftops often left unused, incorporating solar PV systems can turn these dormant spaces into active money-saving assets on your energy bills. In fact, for most factories and industrial units, cutting their electricity expenses in half is a realistic expectation, with a payback period typically spanning five to eight years.

Benefits of solar PV for factories and industrial buildings

Solar PV for factories and industrial units offers benefits that go beyond energy savings, including:

Energy Security:

Electricity prices continue to fluctuate and can make it challenging for businesses to plan accordingly. Solar power offers a stable, fixed-cost solution, providing security and predictability regardless of energy market shifts.

Reduced Carbon Footprint:

When you use solar energy to power your factory, you’re reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and lowering your carbon footprint. With climate change top of the international agenda, many organisations are now striving for zero emissions to make a meaningful contribution to the environment.

Tax Incentives:

There are a number of incentives that encourage businesses to adopt solar power in Ireland, including tax credits for commercial installations.

Seamless Tracking:

Advanced monitoring capabilities make monitoring energy production in real-time easy. This can also help you make informed decisions about your factory’s energy use.

Improved Corporate Image:

Embracing solar energy not only reduces environmental impact but can also improve your corporate reputation, fostering stronger relationships with customers, suppliers, and the wider community.

Why choose us for solar PV?

When you choose K Higgins Electrical and Solar PV to supply and install your green energy solution, you will benefit from:

  • tailored solar solutions to suit your factory’s unique needs
  • superior quality workmanship
  • experienced industrial solar technicians
  • cutting-edge solar technology
  • seamless installation that won’t disrupt your operations
  • 30 years manufacturer’s guarantee

Watch our video to find out about our solar PV solution for Western Postform in County Galway.

Financial assistance for solar PV

Solar PV for factories and industrial units offers benefits that go beyond energy savings, including:

The Non-Domestic Microgen Grant (NDMG)

The Non-Domestic Microgen Grant provides financial assistance to install solar PV panels to generate electricity on site. Grant funding is available for systems up to a maximum 1000kWp. The gran tis available to businesses as well as the agricultural sector, public sector bodies, schools, community centres and non-profit societies.

The Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) Scheme

Irish factory owners can lower their tax bill through the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) Scheme when they install solar PV and other energy-efficient technology.  The ACA Scheme allows business to claim the total cost of their solar PV from profits in the same year the equipment was purchased.

Get started with solar PV at your factory or industrial building today

Solar PV systems are helping factories and industrial units just like yours to halve their energy bills, while enjoying the stability of fixed-cost energy pricing, lowering their carbon footprint, and enhancing their corporate image. K Higgins Electrical and Solar PV provides a specialist turnkey service for solar PV supply, installation and maintenance in factories, delivering a seamless green energy solution you can rely on. To find out more about a tailored solar PV solution for your business, please get in touch with us today.