EV Chargers

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more popular, the demand for efficient and reliable EV chargers is on the rise. K Higgins Electrical and Solar PV is at the forefront of this green revolution, offering professional installation services for EV chargers at homes and businesses.

We are committed to providing high-quality, sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our clients while contributing to a greener future. K Higgins Electrical is working throughout Galway and surrounding counties installing EV Chargers to homes and businesses. There is grant available of up €600 to an EV Charger.

Benefits of EV Chargers for Homes

Installing an EV charger at home brings numerous benefits, making the transition to electric vehicles more convenient and cost-effective:

Convenience and Flexibility:
With a home EV charger, you can charge your vehicle at any time, ensuring it’s ready when you need it. No more trips to public charging stations or waiting in line to recharge.

Cost Savings: Charging at home can be significantly cheaper than using public chargers. By taking advantage of lower off-peak electricity rates, homeowners can reduce their energy costs.
Increased Property Value: As EVs become more common, homes equipped with EV chargers are likely to become more attractive to buyers, potentially increasing property values.
Environmental Impact: By using renewable energy sources to power your EV charger, you can further reduce your carbon footprint. Pairing an EV charger with a solar PV system maximises environmental benefits, making your home an eco-friendly powerhouse.

Government Grants:
In Ireland, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers grants to support the installation of EV chargers at home, making the switch to electric vehicles more affordable.

Benefits of EV Chargers for Businesses

Businesses can also reap substantial benefits from installing EV chargers, enhancing their operations and reputation in several ways:

Supporting Employees: Providing EV chargers at the workplace demonstrates a company’s commitment to supporting its employees. It offers a convenient benefit for staff who drive electric vehicles, improving job satisfaction and employee retention.
Attracting Customers: Offering EV charging can attract environmentally-conscious customers and clients to your business, setting you apart from competitors.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Installing EV chargers is a tangible demonstration of your company’s commitment to sustainability. It aligns with CSR goals, showing that your business is proactive in reducing its environmental impact.
Brand Image: Businesses that adopt green technologies such as EV chargers can enhance their brand image. This commitment to sustainability can appeal to a broader audience and foster customer loyalty.
Future-Proofing: As EV adoption grows, having charging infrastructure in place will become increasingly important. Early adoption positions your business as a forward-thinking leader in sustainability.
Government Incentives: The SEAI also offers grants for businesses to install EV chargers, helping offset the initial costs and encouraging more companies to join the transition to electric vehicles.

Why Choose K Higgins Electrical and EV Charging?

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch installation services for EV chargers, tailored to meet the specific needs of both residential and commercial clients. Our team of certified professionals ensures that every installation is completed to the highest standards of quality and safety. We offer:

Comprehensive Consultation: We assess your needs and provide customised solutions that best fit your home or business requirements.
Expert Installation: Our experienced technicians handle every aspect of the installation process, ensuring your EV charger is set up efficiently and correctly.
After-Sales Support: We offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your EV charger continues to operate optimally.
Grants Assistance: We help you navigate the SEAI grant application process, making it easier to access financial support for your EV charger installation.

Find out more about an EV charger for your home or business

If you’re considering installing an EV charger at your home or business, get in touch with us today. Our team is ready to assist you in making the switch to clean, efficient electric vehicle charging. Together, we can drive towards a more sustainable future, one charge at a time.